Senin, 16 November 2009

Earn A Lot,Work For Just 2 Hours!

My dear reader,

I have a proposal for you,it's something easy,and you get paid instantly!

You will be working for maximum 2 hours,and can reach at a 2500$ per month

What you need to become a employee to our company:

Need the age : 18 years old at least ( it is a good job opening for students as well,and for older people that are looking for a part-time job)
Responsible,trustworthy,able to work
Available at least 2 hours per day
Also you need some internet experience,to know e-mail communication;
 And a Maybank account

If this sound good to you,please contact me further at the email address you will find within this add,so we can establish the rest of the details for you to become a employee at our company.

Kind regards,

HR Manager : Kristine Stewart
Address: Calle de Los Santos,28020,Madrid,Spain



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