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was born (1963) and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. His parents migrated to Canada from Britain where his mother trained to become an actress at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. His father was an Encyclopedia Britannica salesman who would often awake Myers and his brothers at night to watch Peter Sellers' movies and episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus with him.

Myers was interested in acting early on. With his mothers coaching and fathers love of comedy, it was quite natural for him to do just that. At the age of eight, he was appearing in commercials for products such as Datsun automobiles, Pepsi, and Kit-Kat chocolate bars. When Myers was eleven he filmed a commercial for British Columbia Hydo-Electric with Gilda Radner. The impressionable young man fell deeply in puppy love with his older cast mate, and cried when the shoot was complete four days later. The following year he spotted Radner on an episode of Saturday Night Live and the lovelorn lad vowed to join her in its cast one day.

Myers joined Toronto's Second City Comedy Troupe and after eight years in Toronto, moved to its Chicago branch. He was involved in various projects with Second City and made his Television debut in the Canadian production of ?Mallarkey & Myers?.

In 1987 Mike caught the eye of fellow Canuck Lorne Michaels, producer of Saturday Night Live. He was granted a spot on the show he vowed to be apart of many years earlier. He quickly turned his comedic talents into successful sketches and was pumping out unforgettable characters such as the New Age German intellectual Dieter (host of Sprokets), Coffee Talk host Linda Richman and sch-wingin? slacker Wayne (Waynes World).

In 1992 Myers, along with Dana Carvey, hit the big screen with their hugely successful ?Waynes World?. Garth and Wayne SNL fans flocked to see the two beloved characters on the silver screen. Myers left SNL soon after to concentrate on a film career. His next two films ?So I Married an Axe Murderer? and, to the surprise of many, ?Waynes World II? were financial flops at the box office.

Myers took a hiatus from the movie screen to settle into his marriage to long time love Robin Ruzan and get away from the high-pressure lifestyle of being a celebrity. He kept busy by being involved in a retro 60's rock group with Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs named Ming Tea. It was his appearances with Ming Tea that Myers developed his Austin Powers character. Eventually Ruzan grew tired of bumping into Austin around the house and encouraged her husband to write a script. The result was the 1997 mega-block buster smash ?Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery? featuring Myers in the dual role of Austin Powers as well as Dr. Evil.

With his revived stardom, Myers stared in his first serious dramatic role in disco-themed ?54? which was released the following summer. Audiences and critics alike were genuinely impressed with Mike's dramatic talent. His newest release is the wildly anticipated sequel ?Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me?. He seems to have hit upon what many stars strive for in their careers, a lucrative and successful movie franchise. I?m sure we?ll see more of Austin Powers in the future.

Coming down the road is an adaptation of Scooby-Doo, in which Myers will star as (who else?) Shaggy. He is also working on a film version of his SNL hit, Sprokets. In the mean time, Myers and his wife live in Los Angeles with their three dogs. Now proven to be capable of performing a variety of roles, Myers seems to be readying himself for a long and diverse career.
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